Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hardcore Online Marketing Tips for Authors/Writers!

Are you serious? Do you have a ebook that need sales? Time to hustle!

In due time the success will come. Don't have come to far to
give up now!

Before I continue, let me say thank you for visiting my page. My fans are
special. Without you where would I be.

Now, I would like to share a few tips with you that is very helpful in all
your endeavors.

1.) Give away 1-2 free chapters for email exchanges.

2.) Send newsletters to your list

3.) Show reviews at the start of your sample.

4.) Do book tour

5.) Do a summary video for your book.

6.) Tweet 5-15 times a day.

7.) Put banners on your website.

8.) Create a thank you page for a download.

9.) Most importantly, write blogs.

10.) Host a webinar or radio show.

My fellow entrepreneurs, all it takes is an effort. Lots of it. And I know that
you have it in you. Failure isn't an option! If you give it 100% daily, you
will not fall. Your time is coming! Keep reaching for success and you will

May God bless you!

Useful information from a guest blogger!

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