Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Stay uplifted with inspirational poems!

You Are Blessed

God gave you life
You are blessed,

A roof over your head
You are blessed,

Food on your table
You are blessed,

Got your health and strength
You are blessed,

Have someone to care for you
You are blessed,

Money in the bank
You are blessed,

Encouraging others
You are blessed,

Doing good deeds
You are blessed,

Saying a prayer
You are blessed.

My Name

My name is endurable
It’s a real life-giving
To my identity,

My name is enchanting
I have love
In my heart,

My name is poetical
I’m creative
When I am writing,

My name is about creed
I've dignity and integrity
When reaching for success,

My name is spiritual
I am a believer
Who knows Jesus Christ,

My name is about me
Sharing my work
That I have a passion for.

My Mother’s Love

From birth to the end
The best of her heart
Her everlasting concerns
Always the important thing to me,
A true to be who I honor
Who shows me right & wrong
Giving me strength to start my day
My eternal one & only,
Who’s the reason for my days
Leading me to Jesus Christ
Making me a good child
So, I can receive from His words,
Mine O’ Mine
Who I adore
Forever for me
Mines only.

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