Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thinking About Self-Publishing? Yes, You Can!

Build Your Career

Why Self-Publishing?

The e-book industry is the fastest selling from traditional publishing companies. The internet has a ton of sites for you to upload your document. You can be creative and sell in the process.

Someone will need your product. Besides, you get to keep all book profits. Also, you can make any deal since it is yours. And authors can make greater amounts in every book and it doesn't matter which route you take.

The price setting is on you. If it needs to be lowered then the ball is in your court. In any means necessary, you can raise it as well. There will be no restrictions. And you can do as you are pleased.

Top 8 Reasons to Self-Publish:
  • Content & design control
  • Freedom
  • Time to market
  • Longevity
  • Revisions
  • Higher royalty
  • Price control
  • Global distribution

Share What You Have Learned

In each and every one of us, we have a story to tell. Growing up throughout our lives we all experience something, even from birth to childhood and your adult life. It's all there somewhere. Dig deep and you will discover something amazing. And when you make that choice, you can move forward to the next step.

Do you have some advice to sell or valuable information?

The first step is to choose your niche. Find something that a lot of people are interested in and will pay to learn more. You can do a google search to discover what is being searched the most daily. Jot down all of the ideas that you come up with for that title. This will help to determine the most saleable keywords for your topic. Next, you will need to begin building your product.

Expand your idea. Research and include your unique voice. Think about your audience.


  1. I wish I can eventually publish a book of my own, even just online. Maybe a compilation of my essays will do for my first effort.

  2. Yes, good way to think. Compile all of your writings. That's the first step to a become a book publisher.

  3. I am thinking of self-publishing, too. I just need to conceptualize what the book is all about and build an audience. -katrina centeno

  4. I used to dream about doing this. It seems like so much work, but nothing good isn't hard-earned right? :D

  5. @Sikat- That is the the best way to start off. In addition to searching and seeing what people are into. And once you get your ideas together then it will be easier.

    @Jason- You are right. You can do anything if you put your mind into it.

  6. I came across your blog on one of the blogger promotion groups on Facebook. I'm loving the posts of yours I have read so far as I have been tossing around the idea of writing a mini e-book, but lack knowledge and motivation. The whole idea is scary! Anyways, thanks for the inspiration. :)

    1. Knowledge about the process of publishing, I should say. I totally know what I'm going to write about and have been working on an outline! ;)

    2. @Alicia- Thanks! I am glad it was inspiring for you and I totally understand where you are coming from. And yes, it's scary at first. Also, having the inspiration, being positive and allowing time to get it done then it will be a smooth transition.

      Good luck with your book!

      P.S.- If you would like more information then please feel free to email me from the contact box on the right side of the blog(top of the page).

    3. I will remember to do that once I get everything written. I'd love to have some one-on-one advice/help since I'm really not sure where to start! Thanks!

  7. True publishing nowadays is easy peasy. I have thought of doing so since I've got a lot of resources but just couldn't find the time. Besides, I need to learn a couple of things about publishing online.

  8. I'm not a writer so I'm not interested about self-publishing, but I think your post is really interesting and useful. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. Your welcome. Sharing is caring. Thanks for visiting my blog.