Saturday, November 2, 2013

Writing Deep Inside

The power of one's voice, straight from the heart. It's an inner passion that has been develop over the years. Staying true yourself and realizing your worth. Just asking yourself, am I a writer? And you know this, when all you do is think about what you should write about. Searching for words to make sense to another words. So, you find yourself going through an thesaurus or even an dictionary.

And it doesn't stop there because you spend hours everyday at your computer just typing away or either in a journal. Also, jotting down notes all the time.

Now that is a true writer!

See, writing doesn't take much experience.  Most of us are just born to write, while the rest acquire these skills over time. But we all most reach our readers somehow.

Just like any other dreams and goals that we all have; we must keep our dream alive and don't let it die. The sky is the limit and so I am going to keep reaching beyond the stars.

My work is real and I am just being me:

I am poetic because I'm skillful, creative, and noble; I write poetry.

I love writing. My mind is at ease and then it all just flow freely together connecting all the hooks. Just setting sail across the oceans and exploring; sight seeing as far as the eyes can see.

It's true to my identity. Being full of life in all I do. Writing your heart out. Letting your voice be heard.

Because in the beginning, your  mind is blank. Then the light bulb finally turns on. Giving us the bright idea of all time. So much information to figure out what to do with it and what's next. Knowing it is all there; just have to get it down before it goes away.

Then we are on a mission. Trying to get it done and to succeed in the end.
By not giving up. Staying in the game. And mastering your achievements in life. Keeping the faith through it all.

As for me, I got to keep believing and achieving to become an successful writer. This is me and I love to write.

If you would like to read my creative writings that I have written then please go to and look for my ebook "Love Under the Mistletoe". Thank you for reading my blog.

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